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  •  People Served: 444,325
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Providing clean and living water solutions
in North Africa and southern Asia.




Social Media has increasingly become a popular communication tool in our day and age.


We’re more likely to create a Facebook page than write a support letter for an upcoming mission trip - or - we’d rather forward emails and web page links than sit face to face and talk about what makes us tick.


At Neverthirst we╩╝re ok with that... as a matter of fact, we embrace social media and want to use it to share the stories of friends in India and partners in Sudan.


You can help us spread the word. If your friends, tell their friends who tell their friends - that’s a whole lot of friends. So join us on Facebook, Twitter and share our latest blogs. Your support and sharing our story with your friends helps us provide clean and safe drinking water to the poor through their local church. Every tweet counts.