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  •  People Served: 444,325
  •  Countries: 5

Providing clean and living water solutions
in North Africa and southern Asia.

Total Cost: US$ 300

Sudan Biosand Filter Project

According to the UN, 66% of Africa is classified as arid or semi-arid. Neverthirst works in a part of north Africa that is a 'high water scarcity' area http://www.unwater.org/water-cooperation-2013/water-cooperation/facts-and-figures/en/ . In these areas, people often do not have access to clean water. Many people are drinking contaminated river water or digging shallow holes in reservoir areas to get small quantities of muddy water that they can use for drinking, washing or bathing. When people are given biosand filters, they are excited to have clean water to drink. One such person is Mr. Sam*. He runs a small private school, teaching English and computers in a city where most people get water from reservoirs mentioned above. After attending a presentation by a Neverthirst partner about biosand filters and getting the chance to taste clean water, he knew that he wanted one. Now he has 2 filters, and he keeps several large clay vats full of clean water at his school. Students and teachers who come to his school are excited to be able to drink clean water, and many of them have now started using their own filters.

*name changed