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Providing clean and living water solutions
in North Africa and southern Asia.

Total Cost: US$ 8500

Cambodia School Project

Located 6 hours from Phnom Penh is the province of Mondulkirri. This rugged mountainous province borders Vietnam and is home to many minority groups.

In many schools in Mondulkirri, children lack access to a safe drinking source. In some schools, the only source is a pond or a shallow well that runs dry.

Our School Rain tank project aims to address this through:

1. Construction of a 38,000 liter concrete rain tank, gutter pipes and tap stand to provide safe drinking water to on average 250 students per school

2. Classroom Education on the importance of safe drinking water

3. Ceramic filters in each classroom to treat water.

The School Rain Tank Project also provides the opportunity to build relationship with minority people groups.

In 2016, we’ve been able to support our local partner to complete 4 School Rain Tank projects and our goal is to complete an additional 6 tanks by July 2017.

You can fund a whole School Rain Tank Project or part fund. We will send you a complete report of the project with GPS location, photos and stories of your impact.

Thank you for your support in improving access to water and health for students and for empowering our local partner to love, serve and reach the community.