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Providing clean and living water solutions
in North Africa and southern Asia.

Total Cost: US$ 150

Cambodia Biosand Filter Project

Cambodia is not a water scarce country.  In general people can find water near their home. The issue is water quality; in dry season over 5 million people (34%) are collecting water from an un-safe source, like a pond. 

Our solution is the household Bio-Sand Filter (BSF). The filter is made using locally available materials. Dirty water is poured into the top of the filter, flowing through the bio-layer, sand and rock; that all work together using natural processes to remove protozoa, bacteria, and worms. When the water pours out the spout the majority of contaminants are removed therefore improving the taste and appearance of water, and contributing towards improving health. We think that’s a pretty good idea!

Each family also attends training on safe water storage, plus each family contributes $5 for their own filter as a means of demonstrating ownership.

We visit every home at 1,3,6 and 12 months after installation, this helps to ensure that people are getting the maximum benefit from the filter, plus gives the local Church the opportunity to love the people and share the Gospel. Our monitoring has found that over 95% of the people are continuing to use the filter.

Each filter provides water for 1 family, on average 5 people. You can fund, 1,2,3 or as many as possible! Our goal is to provide 1,500 families with their own filter by December 2017.

We will send you a complete report of the project with GPS location, photos and stories of your impact.

Thank you for your support in improving access to safe water and for empowering the local Church to love, serve and reach their community.

"My name is Chhoun Tida, I’m 25 years old my famiy lives in Poun village in Cambodia. The water used to cause many problems for my family, often causing fever and diarrhea. I was very worried about my family and worried that we would lose someone because of drinking the bad water. But now we have a bio sand filter, we don’t worry about water any more, we use it for drinking and washing food and its good for my family."