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Providing clean and living water solutions
in North Africa and southern Asia.

Total Cost: US$ 300

Cambodia Biosand Filter and Latrine Project

We know that if you really want to improve health, then it’s important to address the three essential areas of clean water, hygiene (hand washing / food preparation), and sanitation (toilet).

In Cambodia, we are working in the province of Stung Treng to improve access to safe water and good hygiene and sanitation. The project is working in Siem Bouk district and together with the local Church, aims to provide 300 families with their own bio sand filter, hygiene education and latrine.

Firstly the project addresses the need for safe drinking water through the the Biosand Filter, which uses stone, sand and a biological layer that can remove up to 99% of harmful bacteria in water poured through it and therefore contribute towards improving health.

The project also aims to improve sanitation by educating families on the value of having a toilet as a means of improving health, safety for women and convenience. The family chooses to be involved and demonstrates their commitment by contributing $15 towards the Latrine and Bio-Sand Filter.

Each family is supplied with the concrete rings, base pan and pipe for their own toilet. The family digs and builds their own 'pour flush' toilet and they have to supply and build their own walls and roof on the toilet.


Our local partner works through local Churches, training them in construction and monitoring of the filter and latrine, providing an opportunity for Church serve the community.

Each project provides a water filter, education and materials for latrine construction for 1 family, on average 5 people. You can fund, 1,2,3 or as many as possible! Our goal is to provide 300 families with their own filter and latrine by August 2017.

We will send you a complete report of the project with GPS location, photos and stories of your impact.

Thank you for your support in improving access to safe water and for empowering the local Church to love, serve and reach their community.