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Providing clean and living water solutions
in North Africa and southern Asia.

Get Involved

Many times people ask us how they can help us to bring clean and living water to the poor. While it would be great to take you over to Africa or Asia to see our projects, it's usually impractical to take people to the field and drill wells in some of the most rural parts of the world.

There are three ways we encourage friends to help:

  • Help Us Fundraise!

  • You have friends and family who need to hear about your passion to help the poor receive clean water!  We have been amazed at the creativity of people around the country and the ways they share the story and raise funds for people around the world.  From the Beason and Vail children holding a weekend LemonAid stand to Robert Montgomery who biked from Birmingham, Alabama to the Canadian border - we are amazed.


    What we encourage people do most often is to 'get creative' and help us spread the word and raise funds to bring this clean water to people who need it the most.


    Think outside of the box. We all have people in our lives that might be willing to help if they just knew what we were passionate about and it's amazing to see how people join us in this mission. Click here to get started on your own Water project fundraising page.


    Here are a few ways incredible people have used their voice and creativity to raise awareness and funds for people living without access to clean water.

  • Volunteer at Our Home Office

  • From time to time we need help setting up for an event, stuffing envelopes or moving displays and images to a location. If you have some spare time and want to hang out, then shoot us an email and we'll put you on our volunteer list and let you know when we need your help!

  • Help Us Share the Story

  • We're available to come and share with your friends, family, or company—even your school! Or we can give you the tools to share about the water crisis and how Neverthirst works with the local partners to solve these problems one community at a time. Either way, we would love the opportunity to speak on behalf of the millions who have no voice. Click here to request one of our team to speak at an