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Providing clean and living water solutions
in North Africa and southern Asia.

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In a world of over 7 billion people, over 660 Million are living without access to clean, safe drinking water.


Today, you have the opportunity to change the lives of some of those people by helping us provide water for villages throughout Africa and Asia. But it's not all about clean drinking water. By creating a fundraising page, you are helping local churches bring this clean drinking water to their community. Local churches serving in some of the most difficult places on earth.


You can select a certain project or multiple projects to fundraise for, or choose your own amount. No amount is too small, and every gift helps to advance the Gospel through clean water worldwide.


So join us by getting started today, and get your friends and family involved by sharing your fundraising page on social media and email.


Thank you for joining us in our effort to bring clean and living water to millions around the world!