•  Projects: 7,453
  •  People Served: 444,325
  •  Countries: 5

Providing clean and living water solutions
in North Africa and southern Asia.


We come alongside and partner with quality local organizations in countries like India, Cambodia, South Sudan and others who are committed to empowering local communities to access water that will continue to flow.

A major part of our role is to raise the resources needed for our partners to reach those they are called to serve. 

Here’s our approach…

  • Before The Water Flows

  • Selecting our Partners: We begin by carefully selecting local partners who have proven experience in water and health programs. They have strong relationships with communities, local government, local Churches, and good systems of project monitoring and financial management.


    Design: We work with our partners and communities to design the projects from the ground up. We establish best quality approaches to water projects with our partners and then we commit to fund the work. 

  • Getting the Water Flowing

  • Not all projects look the same in the countries where we work but they do share some common principles:


    Choosing appropriate locations: Our partners begin by researching areas of high need, where people are underserved. Next they work through local community leaders and invite people to apply for a water project (a hand pump, rain tank or water filter). All sites for hand pump projects are verified to make sure they meet the best practice humanitarian criteria.


    Strong Community Demand and Ownership: Our partners work with communities who are willing to participate and contribute in labor, money and time towards their own water projects. Before our partners will drill a well they require all of the families to raise funds for the future repair of the hand pump or in the case of household projects like rain tanks or bio-sand filters families make a contribution to their tank or water filter.


    High Quality Water Projects with appropriate technology: We also are driven by the goal that any water technology, from a hand pump to a rain tank must be chosen by the users, and must reduce time to collect water and contribute to reducing disease. For a look at the variety of solutions we offer click here.


    Water Flows: Once a solution is agreed upon and the community has raised the repair fund or contributed in some other way – construction can begin. It’s an amazing experience to see water flowing high into the air after a drilling rig hits deep water. Generally a project can take up to 18 months to complete. It’s a process of community ownership, and that takes time.

  • Keeping water flowing

  • Our partners place a high value on training the community in ownership, repairs and maintenance. Our partners ensure the community knows how to access their own repair fund and contact the local mechanic/contractor to repair the hand pump when needed.


    Our partners regularly go back to make sure the hand pumps are working and learn how we can improve the quality of our work.

  • Results

  • Since completing our first Water Project with our local partner in Witto South Sudan in 2008 we’ve now completed over 5,800 projects and served over 398,000 people. 


    In 2013 we introduced a simple low cost technology to track and report our work, here are the results, click on the map to see our completed projects.