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South Sudan Update



We just returned last week from Mundri, South Sudan. We hosted two CHE (Community Health Evangelism) conferences; a Visioning Conference with over 10 villages represented, and a TOT 1 (training of trainers) conference. TOT 1 was the next level of CHE training for the 10 communities that attended the conference we hosted in November 2012. Each lesson integrates community health and development with evangelism, discipleship, and church planting. It's extremely encouraging to see our Sudanese friends eager to implement change in their own villages.

The remainder of our time was spent traveling out to six villages, which recently received a new well. To promote sustainability, community members are required to raise 1,000 South Sudanese Pounds (around $220USD) before the water project is installed. These funds are used for future maintenance and repair needs. CHE plays an important role in helping communities change from a relief mentality to a long-term development mindset. More information about this program is available at "Water is Life - South Sudan".

Thank you for your continued partnership with Neverthirst in helping transform the lives of the poor throughout South Sudan.