•  Projects: 7,453
  •  People Served: 444,325
  •  Countries: 5

Providing clean and living water solutions
in North Africa and southern Asia.

Planning your VBS?



“Whoever drinks of this water will thirst again, but whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst. But the water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life.”
– John 4:13-14

We are sure that you are in the planning stages for your Vacation Bible School, and we want to introduce you to Neverthirst and how church partners can join us during VBS week to help fulfill our mission to advance the gospel through clean water worldwide.

Approximately 1 Billion people live without access to clean water today, and we believe the global Church is the solution to this problem. Lack of clean water is the #1 health crisis facing the world today. In fact, more than 3.5 million people die every year from preventable water borne diseases – diarrhea, typhoid, and cholera – due to drinking contaminated water. Our imagination will not really allow us to embrace the enormity of the thought. While the numbers are staggering, the communities scattered, and water borne diseases rampant, at Neverthirst we believe there is a solution to the water crisis that can be implemented and maintained by local communities throughout the developing world…a solution that will save countless lives.

Since 2009, Neverthirst has completed over 2500 water projects providing over 325,000 people with access to clean water through local churches in India, South Sudan, Central African Republic, North Africa region, and Cambodia. We hope to provide an additional 600 communities with access to clean water, and would ask that you prayerfully consider partnering with Neverthirst to provide families throughout the world with access to our most basic physical need, CLEAN WATER.

It is a very simple process for your church to raise awareness for Neverthirst, along with raising money to help fund ongoing water projects, and we want to make it as easy as possible for you!

  • Neverthirst will loan you various size pictures (20x30, 24x36, 16x20, etc) from the field and yellow “jerry” cans to set up around the church to remind attendees and members of their missional focus for the week.

  • Neverthirst will provide you with a video showing the work we do to share with your congregation on the Sunday before VBS or one night during the week so that you and your leaders can inform the church of your missional focus and goal for the week.

  • Neverthirst will provide you with informative brochures to send home with the kids during the week and to have available in your church throughout the week.

  • Neverthirst will provide you with “Neverthirst” bracelets for you to give to all your attendees.

Neverthirst will attempt to send someone to share about our mission and to address the church as a whole or just your leaders and the attendees of VBS at some point during the week if you so desire.

Ideas from other church partners in how they motivated the church and kids to participate:
  • Grade specific buckets were placed in the common meeting area where kids and family could put their money each day.
  • The money was counted each day, and the grade that raised the most that day received prizes (candy, etc).
  • The leaders talked about the progress toward the goal during closing each day to motivate the children to participate.
  • A “Jerry Can” image was drawn and used as you would the fundraising “thermometer”, a “wishing well” was built out of construction paper etc for kids to drop money in, etc.
  • Hosted a LemonAID stand and handed out the information Neverthirst supplied.

We want to make this process as simple as possible for you and your church! We know that weeks upon weeks go into making VBS a successful event, so our goal is to not add any sort of burden to your tireless efforts. Enclosed are items explaining more about Neverthirst. More information can also be found on our website, www.neverthirstwater.org. I have also included a report from the field as an example showing you how you will be able to report back to your participants and congregation on how their giving played a role in helping to advance the gospel through clean water worldwide.

If you are interested in references for how we have done this in the past, you are welcome to contact:

Raleigh Macoy - Briarwood Presbyterian Church - RMacoy@briarwood.org

Blake Kersey - Former Children’s Pastor First Baptist Church of Trussville - blakekersey@me.com

Tracy Moore - VBS Director for First Baptist Church of Trussville - dotsoffaith@msn.com

Create your own fundraising page today to get started! We are happy to connect with you in person or on a call to discuss more about how we could partner together, answer any questions you may have, or make this process simpler and more appealing. Our hope is that we can join together during your VBS to help families throughout Africa and Asia gain access to safe drinking water and allow them to hear about the only true Living water, Jesus Christ. Thank you in advance for your consideration.