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Help Nepal



In February this year we began discussions and making plans to begin working in Nepal in 2015. As you are well aware, a devastating 7.8-magnitude earthquake rocked the country on April 25 and Nepal was forever changed. Again on May 12, a second 7.4 magnitude quake hit bringing down buildings that were still standing but damaged from the first quake. The latest reports coming out of Nepal confirms that there are over 8,000 people dead, over 16,000 injured, with over 290,000 houses damaged or fully destroyed. In total it is estimated that over 8 million people have been affected and we decided we need to act now.

Our partner is working in districts near the epicenter of the quake in Ramechhap, Sindhupalchowk, Gorkha and Laltipur. Right now, it is estimated that some of the families have a 3-4 day current food supply. Our local partner has a goal to provide families with a relief package. The essentials in each relief pack will include tarpaulins (for shelter) and a 3-week supply of rice. Those needing a little extra assistance will also receive oil, lentils, salt, medicines and soap. 

Our desire is to raise $20,000 by 6pm on Sunday May 31 to support our partner to help meet the immediate needs of people in Nepal. Would you please consider a gift of $75 or more to help provide a family with essential food and shelter right now?

Our local partner shared with us “our response to the disaster is a tremendous way to demonstrate the love of Christ that leads to building good relationship with individuals and communities”.

We will allocate any funds received above what’s needed for the immediate disaster to either the on-going recovery phase and also water projects in Nepal that empower the local Church to improve access to safe water. 

We’ve also begun working on developing a long-term plan in Nepal to work with our local partner to improve access to safe water through the local Church. 

By giving today, you will make an immediate impact in the life of a family affected by this disaster, and help with our desire to raise $20,000 by 6pm on Sunday May 31. Please pray for the families in Nepal who have suffered injuries, lost loved ones and homes and pray for our local partner and Church planters who respond to those in crisis in Jesus’ name.

Thanks again for your partnership and compassion.

Mark Whitehead
Co-Founder / Executive Director