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"Just like the early church in Acts"



This World Water Day, we're bringing clean water to the people of Cambodia. 

In the village of O'chaksare in the far north of Cambodia, Neverthirst is working through the local Church to advance the Gospel through clean water. This week we completed 3 hand pumps in this village. 

We had the opportunity to meet Sam Saroeun and hear his story (pictured above), I have four children and I am a teacher at our local Church. Before our family and many others would use to collect water from the pond. This became increasingly difficult when the pond ran dry as we'd have to travel even further to find water. This was so tough for my family. We used to have a big problem with diarrhea and itchy skin because of the poor water. Now this new pump is such a blessing by God through Neverhirst. Thank you to the donor who helped us.  

The pastor of the Church in O'chaksare village, Pastor Malachi (pictured below) told our team; "This is the only church in the village...the people are so committed to Christ...they gather in houses every night to worship and pray...they are living and sharing just like the early Church in Acts.  The water projects have been such a blessing to the people plus helping the believers to share...in fact I'm so encouraged that the christians gather at the hand pump each day just so they can meet people and share the Gospel!  Thank you so much for helping our village and the Church".

Now in cambodia it's the height of dry season and the best opportunity we have to access the villages to complete hand pumps, rain tanks and bio sand filters before the wet season comes in June.

Neverthirst exists to advance the Gospel through clean water world wide. Would you please consider partnering with us in this mission? 

Our goal is to provide clean water to 100 families by World Water Day this Sunday March 22.

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Thanks for partnering with us. We are blessed to serve with you.

In Christ's service
The Neverthirst Team