•  Projects: 7,453
  •  People Served: 444,325
  •  Countries: 5

Providing clean and living water solutions
in North Africa and southern Asia.

2014: What an Amazing Year!



Partners of Neverthirst have served a critical role in helping improve the lives of over 300,000 people since December 2008 by helping them gain access to an improved water source. Every gift given has made a significant impact in the lives of families throughout India, Cambodia, South Sudan, and Sudan.

Not only have the gifts we've received improved lives physically,  but they also have helped advance the Gospel to each of these individuals in partnership with local believers and pastors in these countries, and some are hearing the name of Jesus for the first time! We have been blessed in 2014 with multiple stories from the field of how the Gospel is advancing through clean water worldwide, and they would not be a reality without the support of our partners.

Highlights of 2014:
• Provided 200 families with a Rainwater gathering tank in Cambodia
• Provided 45 villages in Cambodia with a clean water well
• Over 170 villages in India received access to safe drinking water
• Over 500 families in Sudan and South Sudan received a bio-sand filter
• 10 villages in South Sudan received a new hand pump
• Every person who gained access to clean water also heard about the hope that is found in the true, living water…Jesus Christ.

While we have made a significant impact in bringing clean and living water to individuals around the world, there is still a huge unmet need.

As we look ahead to 2015, we are prayerfully hoping to reach 59,400 people throughout Africa and Asia by helping:

  • 1000 families in Cambodia receive a bio-sand filter
  • 600 families in South Sudan and Sudan receive a bio-sand filter
  • 30 villages in Cambodia receive a rope pump
  • 180 villages in India receive a hand pump
  • 4 schools in Cambodia serving approximately 250 kids each receive access to clean water
  • 45 villages in South Sudan receive a hand pump
  • 50 villages in Cambodia receive a hand pump
  • 200 families in Cambodia receive a rainwater gathering tank
  • EVERY project involves a crucial health and sanitation education component and also establishes community ownership by having the individual family / village raise a repair fund to ensure long term sustainability

The best part is that local pastors and believers ministries are strengthened as they show locals that not only do they desire to love on the people they interact with by sharing the Word of God with them, but also by helping meet a massive physical need.

Thanks for your faithful and continued partnership in 2014 and for joining us in prayer for the work we will aim to complete in 2015. 

Happy New Year!